com.io7m.jdae 0.1.2 Documentation
Package Information
The com.io7m.jdae package provides a set of JAXB-generated bindings for the COLLADA format.
Source compilation
The project can be compiled and installed with Maven:
$ mvn -C clean install
Regular releases are made to the Central Repository, so it's possible to use the com.io7m.jdae package in your projects by specifying Maven dependencies.
To access COLLADA 1.4 documents:
To access COLLADA 1.5 documents:
All packages use Semantic Versioning [0], which implies that it is always safe to use version ranges with an exclusive upper bound equal to the next major version - the API of the package will not change in a backwards-incompatible manner before the next major version.
Platform Specific Issues
There are currently no known platform-specific issues.
All files distributed with the com.io7m.jdae package are placed under the following license:
Copyright © 2015 <>

This work is placed into the public domain for free use by anyone
for any purpose. It may be freely used, modified, and distributed.

In jurisdictions that do not recognise the public domain this work
may be freely used, modified, and distributed without restriction.

This work comes with absolutely no warranty.

API Reference
API documentation for the package is provided via the included Javadoc.