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2017-04-09 Release: com.io7m.jintegers 1.1.1
2017-04-09 Code change: Rename project. Use the new primogenitor POM and 2017 project conventions.
2016-12-27 Release: com.io7m.jintegers 1.1.0
2016-12-27 Code change: Deprecate CheckedMath (use Java 8's Math module instead).
2016-08-03 Release: com.io7m.jintegers 1.0.2
2016-08-03 Code fix: Update POM files to 2016 standards. Update plugins.
2016-08-03 Code fix: The packaged jar is now an OSGi bundle.
2016-08-03 Code change: The package will no longer compile on JDK 6 due to Checkstyle, but the compiled code is still JDK 6 compatible.
2015-08-09 Release: com.io7m.jintegers 1.0.1
2015-08-09 Code new: Migrate to GitHub.
2014-12-03 Code fix: Ensure source jars for unit tests are created.
2014-06-22 Release: com.io7m.jintegers 1.0.0
2014-06-22 Code new: Initial release.