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2017-06-21 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.61.0
2017-06-19 Code fix: Fixed an accidental call to glUniform4ui instead of glUniform4i.
2017-06-19 Code change: Prevent index buffers from being re-bound for any array object other than the default. (tickets: 26)
2017-04-03 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.60.0
2017-02-04 Code fix: Correct OSGi metadata for the JOGL backend. (tickets: 48)
2017-02-22 Code fix: Use jtensors [7.0.0, 8.0.0). (tickets: 51)
2017-02-23 Code fix: Use fastutil [7.0.0, 8.0.0). (tickets: 52)
2017-02-23 Code fix: Use junsigned [1.0.0, 2.0.0).
2017-04-03 Code change: Rename all packages to use a new OSGi naming convention.
2017-04-03 Code new: Use a primogenitor POM.
2017-04-08 Code change: Use jtensors [8.0.0, 9.0.0). (tickets: 54)
2017-04-08 Code change: Use new jregions package. (tickets: 55)
2016-12-26 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.53.1
2016-12-26 Code new: Add from*() methods to the scalar type enums for easy conversions.
2016-12-26 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.53.0
2016-12-26 Code new: Add getSizeBytes() methods to the scalar type enums.
2016-12-10 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.52.0
2016-12-10 Code change: Add cube texture method to the texture loader interface. This is a breaking change: The existing 2D texture method was renamed for consistency.
2016-12-10 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.51.0
2016-12-10 Code new: Add cube texture allocation to the texture unit allocator.
2016-08-15 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.50.0
2016-08-14 Code fix: Update Maven plugins to latest versions
2016-08-14 Code new: The produced packages are now OSGi bundles
2016-08-14 Code change: Switch to using jaffirm internally instead of valid4j
2016-08-15 Code new: Add new LWJGL3 backend
2016-05-06 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.45.3
2016-05-06 Code new: Add profiling interface from the r2 renderer (tickets: 45)
2016-05-06 Code new: Add texture unit allocator interface from the r2 renderer (tickets: 44)
2016-05-06 Code fix: Optimization: Eliminate redundant state changes in the JCGLStencilBuffers interface (tickets: 42)
2016-05-06 Code fix: Optimization: Eliminate redundant state changes in the JCGLDepthBuffers interface (tickets: 42)
2016-05-06 Code fix: Optimization: Eliminate redundant state changes in the JCGLBlending interface (tickets: 42)
2016-04-01 Code new: Add timer query interface. (tickets: 43)
2016-03-24 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.45.2
2016-01-28 Code fix: Fix illegal concurrent modification in texture unbinding code. (tickets: 34)
2016-01-28 Code new: Optimization: If a texture is already bound to a unit, binding it again has no effect.
2016-02-06 Code new: Add method for setting floating-point array-typed GLSL uniforms. (tickets: 37)
2016-03-23 Code new: Add functions for regenerating textures. (tickets: 41)
2016-03-24 Code fix: Reduce heap usage for texture tracking. (tickets: 38)
2016-01-26 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.45.1
2016-01-26 Code new: Add optional strict checking for array object builders. (tickets: 33)
2016-01-23 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.45.0
2016-01-23 Code change: Split up Async interface to avoid allocations and facilitate use as a functional interface.
2016-01-23 Code new: Add array and index buffer reading functions, for unit testing the contents of buffers.
2016-01-17 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.44.1
2016-01-17 Code fix: Use jpra 0.4.1 to fix RGBA8 texture cursors. (tickets: 32)
2016-01-10 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.44.0
2016-01-10 Code new: Add an API for efficiently initializing array object builders from existing objects. (tickets: 29)
2016-01-10 Code new: Add buffer respecification methods. (tickets: 30)
2016-01-05 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.43.0
2016-01-05 Code new: Add instancing API. (tickets: 27)
2016-01-05 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.42.0
2016-01-05 Code new: Add texture loading API. (tickets: 24)
2016-01-05 Code new: Add experimental asynchronous resource loading module. (tickets: 25)
2016-01-01 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.41.1
2016-01-01 Code new: Add missing framebuffer deletion API. (tickets: 23)
2015-12-30 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.41.0
2015-12-30 Code new: Add view/projection matrix construction functions. (tickets: 22)
2015-12-30 Code fix: Avoid rebinding array buffers during array object construction. (tickets: 21)
2015-12-30 Code new: Add arrayBufferAnyIsBound and arrayBufferIsBound methods.
2015-12-29 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.40.3
2015-12-29 Code fix: Shader uniforms now only require readable matrices. (tickets: 20)
2015-12-29 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.40.2
2015-12-29 Code fix: Avoid allocations caused by boxing in log statements. (tickets: 19)
2015-12-11 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.40.1
2015-12-11 Code fix: Ensure returned texture images are in native byte order. (tickets: 18)
2015-12-06 Release: com.io7m.jcanephora 0.40.0
2015-12-06 Code new: Initial release.