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2016-04-20 Release: io7m-jstructural 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2016-04-20 Code change: Remove dependency on jlog and use logback/SLF4J instead. This affects all API functions that previously took LogUsableType handles. (tickets: 1)
2016-04-20 Code new: Use newer Maven plugins and reorganize POM files. Require Maven 3.0.4 for builds.
2016-08-09 Code change: Add jstructural.skip property for the Maven plugin to allow skipping the generation of documentation. (tickets: 6)
2015-08-22 Release: io7m-jstructural 4.2.0
2015-08-22 Code new: Add new io7m-jstructural-maven-plugin for generating documentation in builds.
2015-08-16 Code new: Add JCIP @Immutable annotations.
2015-08-16 Code new: Migrate to GitHub.
2015-07-19 Release: io7m-jstructural 4.1.0
2015-07-19 Code new: Upgraded to io7m-jranges 2.0.0
2014-08-21 Release: io7m-jstructural 4.0.0
2014-08-21 Code change: Formal items may now have xml:ids. Noted as a backwards incompatible change as a public visitor type is affected. (tickets: 3d8e637f9c2)
2014-06-22 Release: io7m-jstructural 3.1.1
2014-06-22 Code fix: Formal item lists were not processed in paragraphs. (tickets: c1c7919467)
2014-06-22 Release: io7m-jstructural 3.1.0
2014-06-22 Code new: Allow for control over the front page name in multi-page XHTML. (tickets: ffed561fc64)
2014-06-22 Code fix: Subsections are missing from document contents in sections-only documents. (tickets: 4415343366)
2014-06-22 Code fix: Multiple pages were not produced for documents with sections in the root. (tickets: cd7bc9304c)
2014-06-22 Release: io7m-jstructural 3.0.1
2014-06-22 Code fix: The document serializer was producing invalid documents. (tickets: ebbe752c4e)
2014-06-22 Release: io7m-jstructural 3.0.0
2014-06-22 Code change: Do not depend on jaux. This effectively removes ConstraintError from all public APIs.
2014-04-28 Release: io7m-jstructural 2.1.0
2014-04-28 Code new: Parts were not assigned IDs by the annotator. (tickets: 4d3f9a84b72)
2014-04-18 Release: io7m-jstructural 2.0.0
2014-04-18 Code new: Initial release