The structural language is a syntactically lightweight language for writing technical documentation.


  • Extremely simple core language with roughly ~20 elements. Easy to learn!
  • DocBook-like semantic tagging of terms without the need to memorize hundreds of XML elements.
  • Lightweight syntax for repetitive strain injury reduction.
  • Automatic tables of content, section and paragraph numbering.
  • Full RELAX-NG schema for the XML format.
  • XHTML Strict 1.0 output, in single or multi-page forms.
  • Produces valid and strongly accessible XHTML, with captions and metadata for screen readers.
  • XeLaTeX output for producing PDF and Postscript files.
  • Plain text output for producing attractively typeset plain text files.
  • Tables and lists without disastrously ambiguous whitespace-sensitive syntax.
  • Write modular documents using the well-behaved and secure-by-default import system.
  • Full specification of syntax and semantics to ensure that your documents can be validated and can still be opened decades into the future.
  • Written in Kotlin and Java 8 for platform independence.
  • Fully documented command line tools for document processing.
  • Maven plugin for processing documentation as part of a project build.
  • Large, high-coverage test suite.
  • ISC license.