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2017-06-21 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.14.0
2017-06-20 Code fix: Correctly handle a lack of triangles and vertex data in the byte buffer packer. (tickets: 51)
2017-06-20 Code change: Require parsers to fail on missing triangles and vertices.
2017-06-18 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.13.0
2017-06-18 Code change: Replace the attribute_offset field. (tickets: 49)
2017-06-18 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.12.0
2017-06-15 Code new: Add a "resample" filter command to provide lossy resampling of vertex data.
2017-06-15 Code new: Add application information. Export application metadata in the Blender plugin, and add a filter command to generate application info as metadata.
2017-06-15 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.11.0
2017-04-25 Code new: Implement version probing. (tickets: 42)
2017-04-27 Code new: Add convenient SMFFilterCommandChecks class for developing filters.
2017-04-28 Code change: Move SMFSchemaValidator into the API package as it defines the semantics of validation.
2017-04-28 Code change: Make parsers use URIs instead of Paths for diagnostic messages. (tickets: 43)
2017-04-28 Code fix: Fail in the correct way when failing to parse files during mesh processing. (tickets: 44)
2017-06-14 Code change: Complete redesign of formats for forward and backwards compatibility. (tickets: 46, 45, 41)
2017-06-14 Code change: Rename the "formats" command to "list-formats".
2017-04-09 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.10.0
2017-01-30 Code new: Use the new jtensors [8.0.0, 9.0.0) release.
2017-01-31 Code fix: Fix yet another Maven Shade issue. (tickets: 40)
2017-04-09 Code fix: Rename project. Use the new primogenitor POM and 2017 project conventions.
2017-01-29 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.9.0
2017-01-29 Code new: Enable Javaslang encodings for memory meshes.
2017-01-29 Code new: Add a delegating metadata listener. (tickets: 39)
2017-01-27 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.8.0
2017-01-24 Code change: Change bytebuffer API to allow failures; introduce a codebase-wide general error type. (tickets: 37)
2017-01-25 Code fix: Correct triangle size calculation for ByteBuffer cursors. (tickets: 38)
2017-01-27 Code change: Abstract header triangle information into its own SMFTriangles type.
2017-01-27 Code change: The byte buffer event method onAllocateTriangleBuffer() now takes an SMFTriangles value.
2017-01-23 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.7.1
2017-01-23 Code fix: Adjust OSGi annotations and dependencies.
2017-01-23 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.7.0
2017-01-23 Code fix: Use jcoords 0.1.3 to fix OSGi.
2017-01-23 Code new: Add metadata-add and metadata-remove commands. (tickets: 20, 34)
2017-01-23 Code new: Add OSGi annotations. (tickets: 33)
2017-01-15 Code new: Add ByteBuffer packed meshes.
2017-01-15 Code change: SMFParserEventsMetaType no longer extends SMFParserEventsErrorType.
2017-01-15 Code new: Add SMFParseErrorType#fullMessage()
2017-01-15 Code new: Add validation API
2017-01-16 Code new: Add a schema language for the validation API
2017-01-10 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.6.0
2017-01-10 Code fix: Reduce severity of line parser log messages. (tickets: 31)
2017-01-10 Code fix: Zero pad schema ID values. (tickets: 30)
2017-01-10 Code change: Allow redundant use of the metadata command. (tickets: 29)
2017-01-09 Code change: Add context values to the filter interface. This is an API breaking change.
2017-01-09 Code change: Integrate immutables-javaslang. This is an API breaking change. (tickets: 17)
2017-01-03 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.5.1
2017-01-03 Code new: Add the ability to list the available filter commands. (tickets: 28)
2017-01-03 Code fix: Update to the latest versions of all dependencies.
2017-01-03 Code fix: Insert the project version into the Blender plugin sources at compile time. (tickets: 27)
2017-01-03 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.5.0
2017-01-03 Code new: Allow the publication of new filter commands via a simple modular ServiceLoader-based resolution system. (tickets: 26)
2016-12-29 Code fix: The io7m-smfj-format-obj module was exporting the wrong OSGi package.
2016-12-29 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.4.0
2016-12-29 Code new: Add schema-set and schema-check commands. (tickets: 19)
2016-12-29 Code new: Add trim command. (tickets: 21)
2016-12-29 Code change: Update the random access parser API to deliver metadata. (tickets: 23)
2016-12-29 Code new: Add an adapter that can deliver parser events from an SMFMemoryMesh. (tickets: 18)
2016-12-29 Code change: Add an optional exception to parse and processing errors. (tickets: 22)
2016-12-29 Code fix: Fix a major issue with 8-bit data not being serialized. (tickets: 24)
2016-12-29 Code change: Make the SMFMetadata vendor/schema fields into long values to ease the use of them as unsigned 32 bit values.
2016-12-28 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.3.0
2016-12-28 Code change: Change serialization API to make implementations easier to write.
2016-12-28 Code new: Add API and tools to process meshes. (tickets: 5)
2016-12-27 Code new: Export SMFImmutableStyleType.
2016-11-30 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.2.0
2016-11-30 Code new: The Blender plugin may now export all meshes, or just the selected meshes. (tickets: 8)
2016-11-29 Code new: Allow for the inclusion of arbitrary metadata in files. (tickets: 12)
2016-11-29 Code change: Allow for separately parsing the header and data sections of files in sequential parsers. (tickets: 11)
2016-11-28 Code new: Add coordinate system metadata to SMF files. (tickets: 2)
2016-11-18 Code new: Add the ability to read Wavefront OBJ files for conversion.
2016-11-22 Release: com.io7m.smfj 0.1.0
2016-11-22 Code new: Initial release.