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2017-04-09 Release: com.io7m.sombrero 0.3.1
2017-04-09 Code fix: Rename project. Use the new primogenitor POM and 2017 project conventions.
2017-02-22 Release: com.io7m.sombrero 0.3.0
2017-02-22 Code change: Move the ServiceLoader resolver into its own module.
2017-02-22 Code new: Add an OSGi resolver. (tickets: 1)
2016-12-11 Release: com.io7m.sombrero 0.2.0
2016-12-11 Code fix: Fix a few bugs related to unhandled exceptions.
2016-12-11 Code new: Add the ability to pass in callbacks for warning and error messages.
2016-12-09 Release: com.io7m.sombrero 0.1.0
2016-12-09 Code new: Initial release.